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Latest Runescape News

Asians- stronger, tougher, deadlier, and smarter
11 November 2005 - Asians- stronger, tougher, deadlier, and smarter!

Rumours echo throughout the Rellekan longhall that the legendary Dagannoth Kings have returned once more to Fremennik lands. Naturally, the local Fremenniks are delighted to have an opportunity to test their battle skills against such fearsome mythical beasts, and a number of hardened warriors have headed immediately to Waterbirth Island, home of their Dagannoth prey. None have yet returned however...

Deep inside the Waterbirth Island dungeon a once hidden passageway has opened up, revealing a labyrinthine series of tunnels far below sea level, filled with strange creatures far less timid than their cousins who had previously been discovered in Waterbirth Island, along with all new monsters...

At the very lowest levels of the dungeon, players may find the legendary Dagannoth Kings awaiting them to try their combat prowess against, with rare and unique drops for those who succeed in defeating them. Group together with your friends, and venture together into the murky depths of Waterbirth Island for glory and treasure aplenty... if you dare...

This update features a huge expansion to the existing dungeon on Waterbirth Island, North-west of the Fremennik Provinces. This update includes new training areas for all combat classes, along with a variety of new monsters, weapons and equipment (including a new piece of rare Dragon equipment) for those powerful enough to survive the perils in wait.
Posted on: Nov 7 2005, 5:47 AM By: Darkred17

Behind The Scenes - November
Another exciting month planned for RuneScape with various improvements to existing storylines and histories. This will also include at least one new weapon for each of the combat types, a new training area and new stages of growth for your cats.
A huge expansion to the dungeon on Waterbirth Island has revealed many previously unnoticed depths... and many previously unseen new monsters to fight! This dungeon update will offer several monsters to train on, some familiar and others all new, including a selection of particularly dangerous level 300+ monsters whose unique drops will be of interest to all combat classes. Rumours overheard in the Fremennik Halls suggest that it may even hold new dragon equipment...

This dungeon will be open to everybody regardless of whether they have done the Fremennik Trials or not, but those who have completed their trials may find allies in strange places...

Also this month we will be seeing a continuation to the Demon Slayer storyline featuring another nasty demon trying to take over the world!! This one's got much more of a comedy slant to it although care must be taken, as always, when demons are involved. Watch out for Evil Dave, probably the worst evil villain ever in the history of villains. He’s like sooooo evil!! Rewards for this one include a new and improved Silverlight!!

For the cat lovers out there we introduce “The Rat Pits” which includes new growth stages for your beloved moggy. No longer will they be just old and fat and making sarcastic comments... instead take them along to cat training areas, where being the best cat trainer really does pay off. It also introduces a new storyline and quest about the rat catchers of RuneScape. With updates to Varrock, Ardougne and several other places it’s definitely the largest update of the month. Look out for Jimmy Dazzler, Hooknose Jack and the whole cast of new characters which await this "pied-piping, minigame-playing, cat-training extravaganza" of an update.

On top of this we will be expanding on some of the Histories of Ardougne. Players will be invited to investigate an old building that King Lathas has his eye on for redevelopment. Originally designed to keep threats away from the city, the old walls of this tower would surely tell a fantastic tale if they could talk. Can you help save this place from the terrors of Lathas’ gnome-demolition machines? A special treasure hunt and prayer rewards will be available for those that can.

Watch out for more readers' letters… that is... if you have time to read them in between all the fantastic updates this month.

Please remember – this weekend (5-6th of November) will be the last chance to interact with our Lumbridge swamp zombies, Grim Reaper and trick or treating kids as they will be removed with the next update.
Posted on: Nov 3 2005, 8:29 AM By: Hemlock

Halloween Update!
31 October 2005 - Halloween Update!!

Shadies and Gentleghouls.... Mwa haha ha haaa ha..... it’s halloween!! For this week only there are some spooky halloween events running:

-The Lumbridge swamps are definitely not for the faint hearted this time of year. The halloween zombies are around, and not only are they terrifying enough to unlock the new Scared emote, but you can collect your very own zombie head to talk to (if you can catch it), as a spooooky halloween souvenir.

-Dust off those old bits of costume and head over to Lumbridge where the local kids are trick or treating!! Sadly the kids aren’t too scared of adventurers since they see quite a few everyday... Perhaps the zombies in the swamps can lend you a helping hand? (or head!)

-Rumours that the Grim Reaper himself is making an appearance are completely unconfirmed, but that's probably because everyone who saw him was already dead. Just be sure that if you do decide to visit the reaper to make sure you bank your items first!

Please note - The halloween event will be removed next week. The zombie head and the horror emote will remain, but only for those lucky enough to unlock them this week! All the zombies, Lumbridge kids and sweets will vanish.
Posted on: Oct 31 2005, 8:13 AM By: Joolker

Rum Deal
31 October 2005 - Rum Deal

Make yourself shipshape and prepare for an adventure of mystery and mayhem, with zombie protesters, a massive new secret island, a new slayer creature, mad machinery and more zombie pirate / squid-based fun than you can shake a peg-leg at!

Can you survive the terrors of Braindeath Island? Danger will confront those that travel there from every corner, and not least of all from the 'rum' they are brewing. Those that have what it takes will be gifted with a blessed tool of light, amongst other rewards. Put on your pirate hats and jump ship landlubbers, as time, tide and the living dead wait for no man.

Head out me hearties when ye hear the yard arm bell a-ringin' - rally to Pirate Pete on the Morytania coast now and find out if it really is a Rum Deal!
Posted on: Oct 31 2005, 8:12 AM By: Joolker

Mogres, Lizards, Pet Fish, Potions And Potatoes!
Skippy and the Mogres
A new resident in the Rimmington area can now be found hurling bottles and insults out into the ocean. Skippy was once a fisherman, but now he enjoys nothing more than a hard day's ranting about the huge, evil monsters that shattered his sanity. Players who manage to wring some truth from his deluded rantings may unlock the secret of the new slayer monster, the Mogre.

Fishbowls and Pet fish
Players that enjoy talking to fish more than eating them will be quite happy with the new update to the glassblowing section of crafting. Fishbowls are now available and waiting to be filled from the Aquarium in Catherby.

Ali M's Associates
Something is afoot in Al Kharid. Those of you who have been helping out Ali Morrisane with his business enterprises may find that he seems to have something else planned soon, and now has some... associates along to help him.

Another slayer monster - Desert lizards
Further south in the desert, there are rumours of large vicious lizards attacking travellers, and the Slayer masters are now offering adventurers a chance to slay them for fun and profit. These large lizards love the heat of the desert, and so the Slayer shops have stocked up on boxes of cold ice that can shock weakened lizards into expiring.

Cooking additions
The farmers of RuneScape have also made some improvements. Several farm buildings now contain dairy churns, which can be used to make cream, cheese and even butter. Cooks can now also make baked potatoes, and the new dairy products will make excellent toppings for those to create the perfect potato.

Herblore Addition - Saradomin Brew
The herblore skill has been expanded by one new potion - the Saradomin Brew. Requires herblore level 81 Ingredients: Toadflax herb, crushed bird's nest (Grind an empty bird's nest with a pestle and mortar to create this ingredient.) Effects: +15 hitpoints, +20 defence, -10 strength, -10 attack.

A complement to the Potion of Zamorak, it's a potion intended to aid survival as opposed to destruction.

Gnome Ball Coach
Up at the Gnome Ball Field, the players have another Gnome to contend with - their frustrated coach! In between his shouts of encouragment to his team, he may spare you some time to answer questions on the game and its various intricacies. His knowledge spans from the tactics and history of the game, to the strange stars who've earned their fame over the years. He walks around the edge of the field itself, and you'll recognise him by his distinctive cap, moustache and sheep-skin coat.

Also be aware that we have released two new random events to keep you on your toes while training!
Posted on: Oct 24 2005, 8:25 AM By: Joolker

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