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Map Name: Type: Mapped By:
Agility Dungeon, YanilleP2PThe Extremist
Ardougne SewersP2PTheExtremist
Brimhaven DungeonP2PThe Extremist
Chaos Druid DungeonP2PTheExtremist
Draynor SewersP2PArtemis
Dwarven MinesFreeTheExtremist
East Ardougne DungeonP2PTheExtremist
Edgeville DungeonFreeTheExtremist
Elemental WorkshopP2PTheExtremist
Entrana DungeonP2PThe Extremist
Fenkenstrain DungeonP2PArtemis
Fire Giant DungeonP2PTheExtremist
Grand Tree RootsP2PTheExtremist
H.A.M HideoutP2PXyris
Heroes' DungeonP2PArtemis
Ice CavesFreeTheExtremist
Ice Troll PassageP2PThe Extremist
Jogre DungeonP2PClydefrog
Kalphite DungeonP2PTheExtremist
Karamja VolcanoFreeTheExtremist
Keldagrim CityP2PThe Extremist
Kharazi Jungle CavesP2PTheExtremist
King Black Dragon LairP2PTheExtremist
Lava Maze DungeonP2PTheExtremist
Lighthouse BasementP2PTheExtremist
Myreque Dungeon ShortcutP2PTheExtremist
Observatory BasementP2PArtemis
Priest in Peril DungeonP2PLaws0074
Slayer DungeonP2PTheExtremist
Taverley DungeonP2PLaws0074
Temple of IkovP2PChris
The Underground PassP2PLaws0074
Troll StrongholdP2PThe Extremist
Varrock SewersFreeThe Extremist
Waterbirth IslandP2PTheExtremist
Waterfall DungeonP2PXyris
Zooknock's TunnelP2PTheExtremist

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